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Did you see an engagement ring  you like on TV or in a Movie… or on your best friend? We have an amazing partner to create the custom setting to blow you away. And keep your wallet happy.


The Process

The Process

I have a tried and true “Process” for finding you the best ring at the best price. It all starts with education about what you are buying and ends with substantial savings from retail prices.



The Process

I sell high quality GIA, AGSL and EGL-USA certified loose diamonds. Any other diamond is just a stone. I can get any diamond you want within 48 hours, and I always provide more than one option.



Our Customers have a life time of happiness

See what my past customers have to say about working with me and the stellar results with their diamond engagement rings, wedding rings, earrings and custom jewelry that changed their lives.



Thank you for visiting FK! I’m Fred Koss, and I am ready to help you find the perfect diamond for your partner.

When you work with me, my goal is to make your diamond buying experience one of great personal satisfaction with regard to price, quality and service. I believe “The Process” of working with me will exceed your expectations.


The 4 C's

You’ve probably heard a lot about the 4 C’s, but do you know what they are?
  • Carat – The Weight
  • Cut – How Light Flows
  • Color – Good Color is No Color
  • Clarity – Clean to the Eye


Shop & Compare

Don’t take my word for it. Unlike a Retail Jeweler I want you to shop and compare before you buy.

Did you find a diamond engagement ring at a jewelry store and fall in love? Shopping for a diamond isn’t about love at first sight, it’s about finding the stone to symbolize your love. I sell GIA, AGSL and EGL-USA certified loose diamonds, making it “OK to Throw Rocks at Girls!”

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